Nakuru National Park

is a shallow soda lake and its water level can vary by as much as four meters (13 feet) annually. Sometimes the lake dries completely leaving behind a white dusty plain of soda. When this happens, dust storms and dust devils can whip up the soda deposits way up into the atmosphere.

When the weather and water conditions are favorable, however, one can see millions of lesser flamingoes at Lake Nukuru, as Lake Nukuru provides and excellent source of spiraling, a type of blue green algae that these beautiful birds love.

Mbweha Camp - this property, which is tucked away in the 6,400-acre Congreve Game Conservancy at the southern boundary of Lake Nakuru National Park, provides excellent views of both the Ebrru and the Mau mountain ranges. This property is dotted with nine cottages, each with its private veranda, and spacious circular-shaped rooms. These cottages are constructed out of local volcanic rock, which erupted from the earth‘s crust during the formation of the rift valley. Although there are no formal nighttime activities, you can enjoy the sunken bar and spacious lounge that has a large open fireplace to warm you up when the weather is cool. Mbweha Camp is quite a romantic settling!


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