Lamu Island

Lamu Island is an island off the north coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. This is small island of Lamu is considered by many to be one of Kenya’s greatest treasures. Since the 1970’s, Lamu and its neighboring villages have been a prime destination for the rich and famous. With a population of 13,000, Lamu one of Kenya’s oldest Swahili settlements dates back to the 14th century, it has remained largely unchanged by history. Here one finds a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. There are very few western influences visible; no cars, just narrow winding streets full of exotic charm.

Arriving in Lamu may feel like you’re in another world! Everything was so exotic, relaxed and romantic. The culture is so different than in the other parts of Kenya, time seems to have stood still. Once you land at the airstrip, you will be taken to your hotel by dhow (local small sailboat) which glides through the warm Indian Ocean. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the amazing seafood, smells of intoxicating tropical flowers, and the call to prayers in the setting sun. It truly felt like a step back in time, to a place where “time” had become a meaningless word.


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